Christopher WellbeloveWith over fifteen years working on-line with BT, currently working for BT Group as Senior Digital Brand Manager.

Experience developing a wide variety of both B2B and B2C websites and on-line communities; search engine marketing and optimisation; social media strategist with extensive knowledge in the development of a social presence and digital engagement.

Elected as a councillor in the London Borough of Lambeth in 2006, serving as Mayor from 2009-2010. Previous roles as Deputy Cabinet member for housing and customer service. Currently Deputy Cabinet member for Children’s and Young People.

I am a Governor at Lambeth College and a Director of  Walcot Foundation.

You can find me on all major social networks, follow me – say hi – and I’ll follow back. Easiest way to contact me is to @wellbelove me on Twitter. You can find my political tweets @cllrwellbelove and videos I find @wellbeloves.

All the views shared on this blog are mine, and not necessarily shared – unless stated – to either my employer or my political group / party.

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