How content marketing can help you sell more

This infographic lays out some of the ways content marketing can help your business.

Sites that use content marketing via blogs get more pages indexed on search engines. This means potential customers are more likely to find their site.

Word of mouth plays a big part in how people decide where to buy. Many of these conversations are taking place on social media. To build a following you need interesting content which is a top 3 reason people give for why they follow.

Once you build your following 6 in 10 social users are more likely to recommend you.

Put simply: Content = following = sales

content marketing

What makes a good boss?

A boss can make all the difference to the performance of their team. A bad boss can result in increased sickness, staff who lack confidence and a team that has no direction. A good boss can really drive up productivity, increase loyalty of team members and create a happier environment that others will want to work in.

This infographic aims to share what are the qualities needed to be a good boss. If you are a manager – how many of them do you display. Would be good to check with your team members to see if they agree.

What makes a good boss (infographic)

Christopher Wellbelove