Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

January 27th is Holocaust Memorial Day.

To mark this day I will be featuring tweets throughout the day @Wellbelove that I hope will serve as a reminder not only of the horrors from this terrible part of our history, but of the importance of not standing by today in the face of modern day prejudice and hate.

A quarter of people in Britain have witnessed at least one hate crime or hate incident based on race or ethnicity in the last year. We have seen shameless prejudice against minorities by senior politicians and selfish ignorance of the plight of refugees. Far right groups continue to exploit fear and ignorance. Memories of the terrible consequences of this cocktail of hate seem to be fading in some circles.Holocaust

Whilst others suffer we must not stand by. As we now judge those from the past who did not do enough – others will sit in judgement of our own actions in response to the suffering we see today.

On 11 December 1946 the General Assembly of the United Nations resolved that genocide was a crime under international law. Millions have died since, as a result of genocide crimes. Millions more will die.

Don’t stand by.


Which famous personality are you like?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

They say these test should be carried out by a certified professional however some online services claim to be able to carry out the test. I tried a test based on Myers-Briggs here which gave me a result of ENTJ. This apparantly means I am like Bill Gates (cool with that), George Clooney (happy with that) and Margaret Thatcher (hmmmm).

Which famous personality are you like?

Christopher Wellbelove