Social supporting SEO

  There are many benefits from social media, most are hard to measure and the impact on SEO is certainly one of those difficult to directly attribute the benefits to search engine optimisation.  This graphic lays out a view on how social media could be helping your SEO efforts.

Creating content that Google search will love

So many people still believe with the web that build and they will come, they wont. Build with great quality content, they might. Build with great quality content promoted via an integrated search, social and email strategy then you are more sure of success. This is a great infographic that shows that investing in original quality … More Creating content that Google search will love

No time to grieve – the death of Michael Jackson on Twitter

When the Princess of Wales died I discovered this as I woke to the morning news.  When John F.  Kennedy died many discovered via the morning newspaper. When Michael Jackson died I discovered it via my Twitter feed. In a Twitter world can family and friends have any time to grieve? In pass years the … More No time to grieve – the death of Michael Jackson on Twitter

Social monitoring

With an every increasing number of people going online to blog and engage in social networks there is an increasing number of on-line tools  available to enable individuals and organisations to monitor discussion about their brand. These tools amalgamate results from several sources including technorati and google blog search. Companies and organisations need to monitor … More Social monitoring

Twideas for Twitter

Twitter Mashups are arriving at the plenty. With some you struggle to see their worth, but recently I have discovered some that I can immediately see some clear uses for: Dwigger threads Twitters and enables users to vote on tweets. I really like the fact you can also filter down for a selection of areas (the UK being one, New York another). Twitter Grader may … More Twideas for Twitter