Great Reasons to switch now to Google Chrome

I now have Google Chrome, the new browser from global search giant Google. Within minutes of using I can immediately see that this will become one of my primary browsers – and given Google has made the code behind this open source I am extremely excited about the possibility of social browsers based on Google Chrome similar to the Flock browser.

Independent tabbed browsing – each tab works separately so if one tab freezes or crashes the other tabs will still be there and tab recoverable at last position when tab reloaded

Plugin separate – if plug is bad rest of page still usable

Extra security – rendering engine (what makes the page appear for you) has no privilages on your computer so cannot easily put bugs in your computer

Pages appear faster – In test showed average page took 77.28 ms as opposed to over 228 ms for a test on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

Secrecy mode -Your history helps improve your browsing experience, however there is no longer the need to clear your browser history and cache (which would ruin your Google Chrome experience) if you want to visit a site that you do not want others to know you have visited you switch on Incognito mode

Currently Chrome is only around 7MB so very fast to download and I installed within a couple of minutes of clicking the download button

Great design, simple, intuitive and amazingly easy to use

Love the facility to easily search by keyword your visited sites.

Google video about the story behind Google Chrome from YouTube

Privacy assurance: the blogosphere has been discussing how this will be linked to Google search and capturing more information about what you are doing on the web. Google says it adds no further information that any current use of Google does.

When I went to Facebook for the first time it asked me if I wanted to save my password in a behaviour similar to other browsers such as Flock. However the speed was massively different – even more than when I have used Apples Safari browser previously.

The BBCs rich homepage opened in a split second, every link quickly resulted in a new page. I swear that the colours on the page seemed richer (though I am colour blind and blinded by how much Im impressed by Chrome so may not be the best to judge).

All in all, Search needed Google and they now dominate this space. I’d argue Browsers need to change and Chrome is just the start of a revolution in browsing.

The True Face of Facebook Democracy

Following the defeat of Ken Livingstone in the London Mayoral Elections in May 2008 I set up a Facebook page called ‘Boris Watch’. The idea of the page was to monitor the new Mayor Boris Johnson and it quickly gained over 3000 members.

The noticeboard was extremely busy, with members (and Boris supporters) debating issues – but it seems Facebook have decided that their pages are not to be used for this purpose.

Facebook Bans Boris Watch

The high handed nature of Facebook is clearly evidence that they are confident that their size means it does not matter if they make decisions like this, close down forums of discussion with no notice and then threaten users.

The magic of Web 2.0 is that both fans of the page and many of those of do not agree with the content will be outraged by their action, and as other social network sites build they could find that many find themselves building their on-line networks with sites that do not dictate in such a high handed way.

What is interesting is their own explanation says ‘Facebook Pages are special profiles used solely for commercial, political or charitable purposes’. So is holding the Mayor of London to account not political?

Here is the full message…

You created a Page that has violated our Terms of Use, and this Page has been removed. Facebook Pages are special profiles used solely for commercial, political, or charitable purposes. Among other things, Pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group, or that are set up by an unauthorized individual. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the Terms applicable to Facebook Pages at

I acknowledge I have read this information.

So I now have to acknowledge but have no form of redress. I cannot appeal against the decision and face my account being closed if I make too much noise against Facebook. Is this the face of Facebook Democracy?
A group against Facebook’s action has now been set up – it will be interesting to see if this gets banned and with it my Facebook account.
Coverage of Facebook censorship of Boris Watch

Other related sites

A new Boris Watch has been set up, we wait to see if Facebook continue their previous action and close it down as well.


Boris Watch has moved to Hi5 the fastest growing social network which could soon be a real threat to Facebooks dominance. Maybe if Hi5 gets even bigger they may think moreĀ about how they treat their users.