Everything you need to do before you develop a website

So you want to build a website? Where do you start?

This very handy infographic runs you through 26 things to think about before you develop your website. Not sure they are totally in the right order. I would start by thinking about the purpose of the website and the most important for me who your audience is.

Everything else hangs off the audience as without them you are wasting your time. By creating a site focused on their needs you will create a site they will want to visit.

Now more than ever, with the growth of mobile, you need to think about how your site will work on various devices.

So the next time someone says to you they want a ‘flashy’ website, run through this list with them first.

26 things to do before you develop your website

Christopher Wellbelove

How to help your content rise above the noise

We are all bombarded by information with the average person seeing around 5,000 marketing messages a day.

As a marketer you need to break through that noise, grab the attention of your audience and get your message heard. Even more importantly you need them to remember what you have said.

This great infographic gives insight into how people consume information and suggest that through storytelling you can better deliver your messages and be more likely to be remembered.

How storytelling can help you get your message across

Christopher Wellbelove

Entering the blogosphere

With over 120,000 new blogs created worldwide everyday why on earth would Wellbelove want to enter the blogosphere?

Partially, given that I am increasingly working within the Web 2.0 environment I could hardly continue to advise others on the pros and cons of blogging without experiencing the creation of a blog first hand.

Additionally, I hope to be able to share some useful insights into how businesses and politicians  can make the most of the opportunities the the new age of the internet offers whilst hopefully avoiding some of the pitfulls.

One of the most common pitfall’s that new bloggers fall into is starting enthusiastically, blogging almost everyday, then slowly but surely their blog grinds to a halt despite proud promises of regular updates (even daily) when they first begin. To avoid this pitfall I make no such promises, only that as I come across new and useful information this will be the place that I will share this with you.