LG Video explodes onto YouTube and goes viral

The latest video from LG promoting an 84 inch Ultra HD video has been taking YouTube by storm.

The video features candidates attending an interview, behind the interviewer there seems to be a large window but it is in fact a TV.

The candidates look on in horror as they watch a meteor hurtle towards earth. Next they see a dust cloud engulfing the city and heading towards their office.

There is some speculation over whether or not the candidates are actors.Either way LG has shown that original, imaginative content that creates a talking point both in real life and virtually is they way forward if you want to create a video that will go viral.

This video went viral almost immediately however often it can take time for a video to take off, so if you don’t have immediate success don’t worry – it could still happen.

My little bugbear though. So often I hear the phrase ‘I want a viral video’. You don’t create a ‘Viral Video’ – videos become viral. Either way the CMO at LG must be very happy.

Christopher Wellbelove