How important is location based marketing?

With the huge growth in use of smartphones increasingly consumers are turning to the internet when making purchasing decisions on the high street.

For retailers it is important to recognise this and to think about what results a potential customer will get should they search for a product or service whilst in their store. Could they target specific offers to seal the deal? Is their own website mobile ready? And of course they cannot hide from the competitions pricing.

This infographic shows why marketers have to take mobile and location based marketing seriously.

Why mobile and location based marketing is so important

Christopher Wellbelove

Battle of the mobile brands – which tribe are you?

Fun new advert from Nokia features guests at a wedding arguing from entrenched camps over which mobile phone is the best.

Many of us have been sucked in to taking a single camp, some loyal to a particular brand, others in the anti-camp rejecting a brands phone no matter what they do.

How clever the marketers who took human tribalism to help them sell mobile phones.