Digital notes just got easier

I work across multiple computers and mobile devices, and whilst sharing data across these is getting easier it is still far from perfect.

I have my personal computer, day job computer, elected councillor laptop, testing computer, personal iPhone and two blackberrys (one for work and one for the council). This may seem excessive however with my wide range of responsibilites I have a wide range of communication needs which for various reasons are not allowed to cross polinate.

In the past I have spent a great deal of time emailing one computer from the other, for instances sometimes social sites may be blocked by a corporate firewall so to get a screenshot for a presentation I will use my personal PC to grab a screenshot then email to the appropriate account. 

I do not carry all my phones with me all the time and have been caught out in the past when a piece of information that I needed was on another device or at home on a PC or laptop.

Evernote describes itself:  ‘Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.’

From my intial tests I have found this extremely useful. Immediately that I save a screenshot on one PC it appeared on the other. I saved a note on my iphone and uploaded a photo and within a few second this was also avaialble with notes and images saved via my PC also available on the iPhone.

One feature I really liked was the ability to create multiple notebook folders which can be viewed separately or all notebooks viewed as once.  Searching these notebooks is also hugely flexible with the ability to tag notes as well as Evernote being able to search text within images.

Evernote will take entier web pages, saving all the links contents within them, photos and enable you to search words in them (ie: business cards / whiteboards / labels on products), audio clips, to do lists, notes an reminders. 

Evernote can import your delicious links which are then searchable within evernote.

Evernote is currently free for up to 40MB of uploads per month then 5USD for more monthly uploads, stronger security and faster image recongnition.

Whilst there are lots of ways to work across several computers, with remote desktop etc, I will be giving Evernote a trial for a while simply because its ease of use and setting up was a doodle.

Show it

Qik is (from their site) ‘Qik enables you to share moments of your life with your friends, family and the world – directly from your cell phone!’

Qik offers opportunities for both businesses and politicians. So your having a store opening, product or policy launch, wanting to highlight a key local issue. With you can get your message straight on-line from your mobile phone.

Currently the number of phone models supported is extremely limited, however the ability to live stream from your mobile offers huge possibilities to marketers and politicians to launch their campaigns and share messages.

Currently the site is being very sensible, like many web 2.0 sites they are controlling the numbers that sign up and you have to apply for access, however its clear that a site of this type will be hugely popular in a world increasingly wanting to stream what they are up to. No doubt this or other similar site will capture the imagination of millions of users if not some very interesting content (!!).

By adding live video to a service such as this you further extend the audience for your messages and give further opportunities to influence search results.