How to mute someone on Twitter

This handy tip shows you how to stop seeing tweets from a user on Twitter without unfollowing them.

Time to backup your photos, videos and files

If your computer crashes due to a hard drive fault you might lose all your photos, videos and files. Don’t wait until this happens to do something about it – it will be too late and you could have lost precious photos or other important files that you will never see again. Learn how you could easily and cheaply back up your files.

‘You look disgusting!’ Beauty blogger shames bullies

This video features a beauty blogger with adult acne has been watched almost seven million times.

The video, titled “You Look Disgusting”, shows comments that Em Ford received via social media after posting images of her face with and without make-up.

Once again some of the appalling behaviour found online has been exposed in a powerful way. Let’s hope it makes some people think before they post.