The title Lord-Lieutenant is given to the British Monarch’s personal representatives in each of the United Kingdom’s ceremonial counties. They have performed various tasks throughout history including raising local militia units and numerous ceremonial duties.

Today the responsibilities of Lord-Lieutenants include:

  • Arranging visits of members of the Royal family and escorting royal visitors
  • Presenting medals and awards on behalf of the Sovereign, and advising on Honours nominations
  • Participating in civic, voluntary, and social activities within the Lieutenancy
  • Liaising with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force, and their associated cadet forces

The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, is Her Majesty’s representative in Greater London and is charged with upholding the dignity of the Crown. Across the thirty-two Boroughs (but not the City of London) he is responsible for the promotion of civic, commercial, voluntary, and social activities within London and thus is part of the fabric of London in all its manifestations.

Lord-Lieutenant appoints deputies to assist him in his duties. DLs are distinguished residents who either have served the local community or have a history of service in other fields. In particular, DLs should be people well-known in their locality for the service they have or are giving through public life, charitable activity, voluntary service, or uniformed services.

In March 2022 Christopher Wellbelove was appointed Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Lambeth.