Great idea for a marketing mailer

In the battle to stand out from all the other ‘junk mail’ that drops through peoples doors this seems a fantastic idea.

Photographer Jens Lennartsson had 400 action figures created together with the box and a portfolio sent to a carefully select group of recipients.

You can read more about this great self promotion here.

Christopher Wellbelove

One thought on “Great idea for a marketing mailer

  1. SuperCool can I order ONE! I am an avid collector of action figures. In your case IN-action figure {a lil humor} nevertheless Spectacular IDEA. From beginning to END the production is phenomenal. Reminded me of the “March of the Wooden Soldiers” from Babes in ToyLand with Laurel & Hardy which to this day I still LOVE so much and I am 50+ US Veteran!!! @

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