Visiting 3 Pillars Project

3Pillars Project is a sports-based mentoring programme for young men in the criminal justice system; those vulnerable to engaging in crime, in custody, and recently released from prison. 

The hub is on the former site of Lillian Baylis School, which Christopher visited during his first term as Mayor of Lambeth. The site has been put to great use with commercial use during the day supporting community projects at other times.

Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Lambeth at a session for 3 Pillars Project

Christopher met with their founder Mike Crofts, who has exciting plans to build the project even further.

Working across the South of England and the Midlands, their intervention, GAMEPLAN, embodies three academies that support a young man’s journey from prison into education, employment or training. It focuses on three core pillars of exercise, education, and ethos as a foundation for effective rehabilitation. Their holistic approach utilises positive role models, sport, and the power of community to equip young men with a toolkit of skills to forge a brighter future.

Christopher is eager to meet with organisations across Lambeth. Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

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