Visit to Mosaic Clubhouse

Mosaic Clubhouse is an award-winning charity in Brixton providing services to the Lambeth community and surrounding boroughs. It has been funded by Lambeth Council and the NHS Lambeth since it was founded in 1994. They aim to promote positive mental health for those aged 16 and over, living with severe and often enduring mental health conditions, enabling individuals to regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead productive and satisfying lives.

The Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Lambeth, Christopher Wellbelove DL, has been a long-term supporter of Mosaic Clubhouse, choosing it as his Mayoral charity when he served as Mayor of Lambeth. He returned to discuss with their Chief Executive, Chris Thomas, developments at the charity.

Christopher Wellbelove DL with members of Mosaic Clubhouse whilst serving as Mayor of Lambeth

It has been a tough few years, with the Clubhouse building closed for much of the pandemic due to Covid restrictions. However, they still offered support to their members, though clearly this had its challenges. 

The Clubhouse model is based on the idea that when people volunteer with peers in a safe and supportive space, mental health and well-being improves. Established initially in the USA in the 1940s by a group of people leaving hospital, there are now more than 300 Clubhouses across 34 nations working to common standards and benefitting over 100,000 people per year. 

Mosaic Clubhouse always put its members front and centre and Chris spoke of how they had just returned from a Mosaic Clubhouse conference in the US, where one of their members spoke to share their experience of Mosaic Clubhouse in the UK.

They continue to do great work and have got back to the same level of activities that they had prior to the pandemic.

Representative Deputy Lieutenant, Christopher Wellbelove DL, outside Mosaic Clubhouse with some of the leadership team

In 2024 Mosaic Clubhouse will celebrate 30 years and the Representative Deputy Lieutenant will be working to support these celebrations, recognising the amazing work they have been doing for hundreds of Lambeth citizens over the years.


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