Meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Lambeth, Councillor Sarbaz Barznji

This year’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor Sarbaz Barznji, is a newly elected councillor for Brixton Hill Ward. It is typical in Lambeth that the Deputy Mayor is elected as Mayor the following year, so it should be expected that Sarbaz becomes Mayor in April 2023.

Councillor Sarbaz is of Kurdish descent, born in Mamandawa village, and should he take office next April will be the second Kurdish-born Mayor of Lambeth in recent history.

The Representative Deputy Lieutenant, Christopher Wellbelove DL, met with Councillor Sarbaz to discuss his plans and how they could work together during the coming year to support their shared goals for the community in Lambeth.

Christopher, who has served twice as Mayor of Lambeth provided advice based on his experience, such as the importance of planning your Mayoral year in advance. He also spoke of how events in Lambeth should always be prioritised over out-of-borough ones. And most importantly to get a good holiday in the summer so that the Mayor can recharge their batteries ready for the busy period in the run-up to Christmas.

It was an extremely positive meeting they plan to meet regularly in the run-up to next year’s Mayor making, where the council will elect a new Mayor for the borough.

Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Lambeth, Christopher Wellbelove DL, with Councillor Sarbaz Barznji, in the council chamber at Lambeth Town Hall

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