AI Do… Love and Marriage in an Artificial Intelligence age

The idea of AI enhancing our love lives may seem like a futuristic concept… and hey what about an AI wedding…

But computerised dating programs were already being developed in the 1960s, and by the 1990s, many online dating websites were offering matchmaking algorithms to help users find their perfect match.

AI in dating has come a long way since then, and now, many dating apps use sophisticated algorithms to match users based on their preferences and behavior patterns. There are even some AI software programs that can help create the perfect dating profile by analysing data on interests, hobbies, and personalities.

In the age of artificial intelligence will it get easier or harder to find love?

These technologies may seem promising, but there are some limitations. The data that these algorithms are based on is often incomplete or inaccurate. This means that even the most sophisticated AI technology may not be able to accurately predict a person’s emotional and behavioural responses.

Another limitation of AI in love and relationships is the question of authenticity. While AI technology can help create a profile that is tailored to your preferences, the question remains: will it really be you? AI technology could create a false image of who you truly are and attract people who are not compatible with the real you.

Let’s be honest, most people aren’t often truthful when wanting to show their best self. Like in so many aspects of life we like to paint a picture of what we want the other person to see.

For instance, if you ask people what they like to watch they are more likely to say programmes on the Discovery Channel – so many in fact if true their ratings would top the big networks. When in reality the night before they caught up with Love Island.

There is also the possibility that the person you meet could look very different from their AI photo. This could go much further than using a profile pic from 10 years ago.

When AI learns we are lying maybe it could help your potential date get a warning from your fantasy profile. We could see an AI war with opposing Ai’s either trying to pretend you are amazing or another exposing the masquerade.

With AI will love get better or worse?

We will have to wait to see how this technology will continue to develop, but safe to say there will be many AI weddings and 👶 babies in the years to come. Some AI divorces too.

One thing that I’m not sure AI can help with – is how you relate to people. At some point, people have gotta meet – unless you’ve got Ai installed in your head to tell you what to say and do…

At least AI won’t get drunk and wake up the next morning asking itself what it’s done… we hope 😀

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