Private AI – watching your every move

The idea of a private AI is fast gaining ground, especially among businesses concerned over leaks of confidential information.

Private AI is about building and teaching an AI system that is tailored to a person’s or business’s specific needs and requirements. With a private AI, individuals and organisations can have more control over their data and information and ensure that their AI systems operate according to their own rules.

Private AI watching and learning from your every move

One of the main advantages of a private AI is the ability to customise and tailor the system to your specific need. Instead of using a public AI, you can build and train their AI systems based on your unique preferences and requirements. This can result in more efficiency, accuracy, and productivity depending on your vertical such as healthcare, education, or manufacturing. As you know one size will not fit all and you have specific needs.

Privacy will be a major driver for private AI. By creating your own AI systems, you can make sure that your data and information are not accessible to third parties. If you wouldn’t publish a document on the public web – don’t put it in a public AI system, where the data is often collected and shared with companies that use it for advertising or other purposes – and the learning available to your competitors. Only with a private AI can you maintain control over your data and protect your information from being used.

Let’s get personal

Personal assistants are a common theme in science fiction movies, and a private AI could be seen as a personal assistant of sorts. You could build an AI system that could help you with tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing email, or even shopping online. The AI system could perform these tasks according to your preferences, making the process more efficient and tailored to your needs – and learn over time without you having to programme in your requirements.

At least your AI assistant won’t kill you… or. will they…

Businesses could also use private AI to safeguard their operations and to protect their actions and queries from public versions. For example, a private AI system could be designed to identify and flag unusual financial transactions, which could be an indication of fraud or other illegal activity. This would let businesses detect and prevent such actions at an earlier stage and without the need to rely on public AI systems that could also be trying to hack the systems you are attempting to protect.

Private AI systems will improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity personal to the businesses and individuals that develop them. The race will then be on for how advanced your private AI can become compared to your competitors – but also expose that AI is not a single thing and will advance in different ways in different places as it evolves.

Those who can help build and grow the most advanced AI’s will be in great demand, and those who don’t keep up will get left behind. Exciting times.

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