48% of companies don’t encourage social media networking

It’s been my experience that the majority of people who don’t use and understand social media in conversations about its use typically focus on what could go wrong – rather than how social media could be used to help a business.

I have talked for years of how social media provides an opportunity for your people to become an ‘army of marketers’ promoting your brand and products via these channels. For this to successful you need to start with trust, trusting your people to be professional in their interactions along with providing them with guidance on how to get the most out of these channels.

As this infographic shows many companies are still missing out on these opportunities by not encouraging and enabling their people. It also shares the benefits you can get when your people are trained and confident to network on social media.

48% of companies don’t encourage social media networking - infographic

Christopher Wellbelove

Rise of social media in e-commerce

Social media’s role in driving e-commerce sales has never been so great. As this infographic highlights 74% of consumers rely on social media when making their decisions to guide purchases. Many turn to companies social presence to research products and to learn more about the companies they could soon be doing business with. Along with sharing some great social / ecommerce stats the infographic shares some simple to follow steps to getting started on key social networks.

Social media and ecommerce

Eye tracking data helping you build better websites

This infographic shares some great insight taken from eye tracking data, where users eye movements are monitored to show where there eyes focus on a screen.

Some key points to consider when designing a website.

  • Over 58% of users are more likely to remember your brand and logo if it is placed on the left hand side
  • Users spend 80% of their time looking at content above the fold ie before scrolling (though this will change will increased use of touch devices)
  • First two paragraphs on the page should contain the most important information

Designing better websites using eye tracking data

Images brings laughter and support for breast cancer patients

This story of a mans attempt to help his partner through cancer treatment is now helping raise awareness and raise funds for those affected by breast cancer.

Since the initial photos and video the story has been turned into a T-Mobile campaign, which will have no doubt resulted in additional funding for the campaign. Should brands jump on the back of such inspirational stories when they clearly had nothing to do with the initial story – or should we just sit back and appreciate their funding? Also of course they provide additional exposure for important causes such as this.

Images such as the one below can be purchased to help women during treatment.

Tutu project