B2B marketing strategies – continued growth of digital

Nearly half of B2B marketers intend to increase their marketing budget this year, over 67% intend to increase the amount they spend on digital.

Other trends shown in this infographic by Ambassador shows the continued growth in the use of content as a method to reach and engage with customers, with over 72% of B2B marketers using content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. With 70% of content marketers are now using video, a trend that is likely to jump much higher in the next year.

There is a huge jump, from 74% in 2011 to 87%, of B2B marketers using social media. 56% of B2B marketers plan to further increase spend on social media this year.

Unsurprising LinkedIn is the most popular choice for B2B marketers using social media, closely followed by both Twitter and Facebook.

B2B Marketing strategies 2013Christopher Wellbelove

What happens in 60 seconds on the internet

This infographic shows what happens in 60 seconds on some of the most popular domains/apps. Some stand out stats include the fact that in 60 seconds there are 278 thousand tweets, 20 million photo views on flickr, 2 million searches on Google and 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. Rising social stars such SnapChat and Pinterest feature as well with 104 thousand photos shared on SnapChat and 11,000 active users on Pinterest.

What happens in 60 seconds on the internet

Christopher Wellbelove

How to have more Klout on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Klout attempts to put a value on your interactions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

American Airlines and Klout

Based on an¬†algorithm, Klout aims to rate you based on the more you interact on social networks resulting in a higher score for you. Klout looks for likes, mentions, retweets, +1’s and other evidence that you engaging with others on social networks.

Some doubt the value of Klout and if the Klout score really reflects the real life clout an individual has. For some of the very loud doubters of Klout’s relevance, I wonder what their Klout score is? Few like to be rated especially when rated low. So it is not surprising Klout has it’s haters.

I have¬†definitely seen an increase in my score as I¬†¬†increased the number of conversations that I have with others. Whilst sharing shareable content had helped me raise my score, it was only when I increased my interaction with others did I see my score jump from in the 50-60’s to being ¬†in the 70s. I have no doubt I could increase my score far higher by having false conversations, purely generated to increase my score, however I choose to only interact in real conversations responding to comments and questions.

And Klout doesn’t just give you some virtual pat on the back. Brands are¬†beginning¬†to recognise that those with a high social influence have value. American Airlines offered a deal where if you have a Klout of 55 or higher you could gain a one-day pass to their Admiral Club lounge.

These sort of offers will increase, and Klout will without doubt continue to evolve their system to become¬†increasingly more accurate in providing a score to who is the most influential in social media. And whilst I might be¬†disappointed¬†that my score is not as high as Obama or Bieber I won’t see this as a flaw in Klout.

And there is not just Klout, other social rating services are also attempting to rate your social influence such as Kred.

I found this infographic which is a great guide to how Klout works and maybe help you increase your Klout score.

infographic on how to improve your Klout score

Applications come to Linked In

LinkedIn continues its rapid growth and development with the introduction of LinkedIn applications. Now you can link your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress blog, add a Google Presentation, or work within your profile in a secure collaborative workspace.

This is a welcome addition to LinkeIn, making the service more sticky for users whilst providing you with far more creative ways to promote yourself to perspective employers. There is a danger that some over enthusiastic users could damage their reputations rather than enhance them – though for the rest of us this could be rather entertaining.

Should I get LinkedIn?

Whilst many business professionals have been getting LinkedIn for many years, the site has over 20 million profiles based in over 150 countries, it is not always been seen as a priority for politicians – which is an opportunity missed.

A LinkedIn profile that has been made public will be found by search engines and form part of your profile network. Being a professional network LinkedIn carries a great deal of authority, especially to those who use it, and is an opportunity for you to focus on your professional skills and experience.

There are many useful articles on how to create a LinkedIn profile available. Essentially this is an on-line CV with the added benefits of linking with other professionals and gaining recommendations which adds authority to the experience you describe in your profile.

Having your LinkedIn profile updated could also be useful should you not get elected and need to find yourself a new job.