Twhirl your Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool. It is a quick and easy way to let your friends know what you are doing without insisting that they have to visit Facebook to see your current status. Because it is a micro-blog entries take no longer than to send a text message.

For politicians Twitter is an easy way to let constituents know what you are doing and which campaigns you are supporting. For businesses Twitter has huge potential for you to keep in touch with your customers.

Since joining Twitter I have set up and use several accounts. My Wellbelove twitter is my personal twitter with a mixture of SEO / SEM and Social Media together with general stuff. My Clapham twitter I share with my fellow Clapham Town councillors with updates of work we are doing in the ward. My CllrWellbelove twitter is used currently to let people know what I am doing as Deputy Mayor of Lambeth and next year I will use it for updates as Mayor. And finally the BiggerThinking Twitter is used to highlight updates to BT’s Bigger Thinking thought leadership programme.

Managing so many accounts was proving difficult. Constantly logging out of one to then log into another – until I discovered Twhirl.

Twhirl is a Twitter client that enable you to connect to multiple Twitter and FriendFeed accounts. I can now have four windows open at the same time, enabling me to monitor messages from other Twitters and easily add fresh tweets to any of my accounts.Screen short of Twhirl

Another excellent feature is the ability to send the same message to other Twitter type sites at the same time. With Twhirl you can have the same message appear in Pownce and Jaiku. This solves the problem that if your friends are on different networks your Twitter message can now appear on all three simultaneously.

Other features include posting messages to TwitPic, search tweets using TweetScan and shorten long URLs using snurl, twurl and

When setting up your account I would suggest switching of the audio alerts – especially if you are following a lot of Twitters.

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