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I have been a great fan of Twitter for sometime, however lots of copy cat sites keep popping up and today I checked out the latest that had come to my attention.

Signing up is not as easy as it could be. The sign up form does not include any dynamic verification so that only when you submit will you discover that you have either done something wrong or if the username you have chosen has already been taken. When the form returns to tell you to make a change the two fields for password are blank again – very annoying!

Uploading a photo avatar is easy, no restrictions on file size of picture dimensions. Updates seemed to work quickly and easily, and with ongoing problems at Twitter they may find a few frustrated users flying over to if they do not sort their technical issues soon.

By using applications such as Twhirl you can post to several microblogging sites at the same time. The point of doing this is that each service may have a different audience so if you want your microblog to reach the largest audience without maintaining several different sites Twhirl is for you.

Subscribing to others on could be improved, from search you have to go to the individuals page where it would be better if there was a subscribe button within the search.

My microblog is at


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