Why do marketers not get social?

Recent research found most marketers feel their teams are ill-equipped to handle new trends and tech. Social media is clearly a key are of concern in this space.

With the already present and growing influence of social networks it is very disturbing, but not surprising, that so many marketing teams do not have the skills required. 

One of the main barriers is a lack of understanding and reject the relevance or need of social media.

I often find those most dismissive are those who do not even have a Facebook page or Twitter account. They often spout illogical reasons based purely on their own prejudice. They are often fuelled by equally ill informed stories in the press. 

Active participation in social media sites gives you invaluable insight into how these communities work, essential homework for every marketer.

And for organisations whose IT departments block access to their marketers to social networks. Well this is like taking the paint from a decorator. Without this tool of the trade marketers cannot possibly keep up-to-date and fully aware as social media continues to rapidly evolve. 

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