One simple way to quickly increase your influence on Twitter

So how do you increase your influence on Twitter? In a previous post I discussed how you can increase your ‘Klout score’ which is a way of measuring your influence on social networks. Here is another tip for Twitter, which is something you can do today to give a jump start on increasing your social influence.

My Twitter tip: Follow high influencers that follow back.

Justin Bieber on Twitter
Being a Beliber wont help your own social ranking

It’s all very well following people who have huge following such as @justinbieber – but if they do not follow you back this will not influence your score.

OK if you like him and want to feel closer to him, I am sure that following him will be amazing for you. If you are looking to increase your social ranking via Klout, Kred and Peer Index then look else where.

The best way is to connect with high ranking Twitter users who follow back and engage with their followers. These are probably not national politicians, actors or music stars that you already know – these typically (sadly) don’t follow back. It will be people that have worked hard truly engaging on social networks, who built their following based on this engagement together with hundreds of hours of hard work.

I am not talking about the accounts that just say #teamfollowback. It’s not just the fact they follow back that is important. It because they have real conversations on Twitter and truly understand what it means to be social.

Better still you will find that these social influencers provide some of the best tips, links and information. Have conversations with them, but don’t just say Hi. Comment on their posts, provide useful feedback and ask real questions. The more real you are the more likely they are to respond.

So who should you follow? Well if you are not already I hope you will follow me.

However some of my fav follows, who follow back genuine users and are post some amazing content… in no particular order…








So why is it important to follow people like these, they already have a high ranking and by following and engaging with perceived high influencers will help increase your score. But don’t forget Justin… I am sure he will appreciate your follow as well.

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