iPhone 5S wish list

iPhone 5S announcement In case didn’t know it seems Apple is about to announce the next iPhone – all indication is it will be on their planned event on 10th September 2013 and maybe one of them will be called the iPhone 5S with another, cheaper version, called the iPhone 5C.

There is a possibility that Apple will shock us (very minor) by jumping to a iPhone 6, but in an increasingly aggressive environment for smart phones – who knows?

For me, I don’t care about the possibility of a gold iPhone 5S’s or cheaper versions called iPhone 5C. More important to me is my simple wishes that would make for me the next iPhone the must have smartphone.

My iPhone 5S wish list 

  • Supersonic battery life – thank you Mophie for rescuing me so many times from iPhone battery hell. Any heavy user of their phone, like me, will know how fast your connection to the the digital world can die. I just want my phone to last all day, without extra support. Apple, if you really want to brighten my day – sort out the battery –  especially as functionality increasingly asks for more and more power.
  • Connection simplicity – moving between wifi, 3G or LTE is not easy. It often requires going into settings to switch off wifi on the go as your move between different service providers that require separate login. You need to do this work for us Apple. Spot if the wifi access is authorised, authorise, and if not switch back to 3G or LTE.
  • Auto update – I realise some people want to know when their apps are updating, but if there is not a cost there should be an option to select trusted apps to update automatically which is especially important to small updates that just do not require a review.
  • Improved Siri – love Siri and would use it more if it worked better. Also for the UK can we have the choice between male and female voices without needing to change to US version? Nothing personal (against the British bloke) but it would be great to have more choice and maybe in the US they would like a male version?

Beyond the iPhone

  • I know I might have to wait a month (to another possible Apple announcement) but i would love an upgrade to the iPad mini – iPad mini 2. It really has become the only pad I use but would be great to see retina screen on this together with extra memory.
  • An update to Apple TV would be amazing. Surely it’s time to take this beyond the hobby (as Steve Jobs previously described Apple TV). This space is also becoming increasingly competitive and Apple cannot afford to get left behind. The interface desperately needs an update.
  • Only release a watch if it is better that the Samsung Gear that was announced this month. I’d love an iWatch, but only if it gave us something that really showed us that wearable technology has truly arrived.

Beyond that…

  • It is just a dream, I know, but it would be amazing to see Apple release or trial embeddable technology that jumps beyond the smartphone and wearable technology. Come on Apple give your competitors a hernia 🙂 but more important give us what really need (extra battery life – in case you missed my first point). If you need a triallist  give me a shout.

Christopher Wellbelove

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