Clapham Park Foodbank

Representative Deputy Lieutenant for Lambeth with Councillor Marianna Masters and Councillor Alison Ingris-Jones who is also a trustee of Clapham Park Foodbank

Clapham Park Foodbank is part of a network of food banks supported by the Trussel Trust that is working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

They currently feed over 400 people who are referred to them by Job Centres, doctors, council services and advice centres through distribution hubs around the borough.

Donations are received directly, from individuals and businesses in the area. They also receive financial donations via Bankuet so if you wish to donate there are lots of options – unfortunately, donations are down by 20% at a time when demand is increasing.

At Christmas they also provide wrapped gifts, with 700 parcels sent last year. This year they are looking to source blankets, hot water bottles, slow cookers and microwaves – which they told me are far cheaper to use to heat food compared to an oven.

Christopher is eager to meet with organisations across Lambeth. Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

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