Bringing it all together – Iminta

I recently joined where I was so early in joining I managed to get the username Christopher!

Iminta helps bring together all your content that you contribute to the internet in one place, so if you have a blog – upload your photographs on photobucket – your video’s to YouTube – your updates to twitter, then this service can bring it all together in one place.

Here’s their description of themselves ‘Based in San Francisco, Iminta was founded in 2007 by Aaron Newton and friends. The service currently synchronizes with content sharing and discovery sites YouTube, Flickr, Digg,, reddit, Yelp, Webshots, Google Reader,, Twitter, and more. Previously, Aaron created, one of the Web’s first editorial mp3 download sites. Epitonic was funded by CNET Networks and later sold to Palm Pictures. Aaron then helped CNET Networks launch their highly successful Music property.’

Iminta is not the first to do this, and will definitely not be the last. I have also created a FriendFeed and Squidoo – but as a politician or business why would you do this?

Setting up these services take a relative small amount of time. If you already have a YouTube, Blog and Twitter then you simply enter the web addresses or URLs of these. Without ever returning to this page again your activities on these websites will automatically be updated. This means that anyone who wants to find out more about you can come to one place – making you more accessible with extremely little effort.

If you are not on services such as YouTube, this does not matter. From the first one you set up sites such as Iminta will help signpost to where you are on-line as you add content to new sites.

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