Labour bloggers – discover Labour supporters who blog

An increasing number of Labour councillors, MPs and activists are using blogs to communicate with their constituents and share their views. Many of them are brought together on a website that ‘unites Labour supporters blogging for Labour‘ which is an excellent initiative helping Labour supporters find other blogs where they will find hints and tips for what makes a good blog. Another community of Labour Bloggers, including the ability to create your own blog, is Labour Home.

In planning your own blog it is a great idea to check out others that are already established. Some of the best examples from Labour Bloggers that I have found include:

Luke Akehurst

Harry’s Place

Hoxton councillors

Sunderkatwala’s Blog

Dave Hills Hackney diary

Lambeth Life

Leighton Andrews, Rhonda Assembly Member

Labour in Haggerston

Wiseman’s blog

Small Town scribbles

Sadiq Khan

Peter John

Peter Wheeler

Stephen Beer

Steve Reed

In my search for Labour supporter blogs I found many that had not been updated with no sign post of a reason for the lack of new contributions. Once you set up a blog, don’t forget about it, it could look as if you are doing nothing. If you decide that you are no longer going to maintain your blog signpost to another blogger or your local party website.

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