Guidelines for producing YouTube video

YouTube is an excellent way to quickly and easily get across a message. When creating these you need to take some of the following into consideration. Setting up an account or ‘channel’ is free and is very easy to do.

Even if you have video on your own website you should also put this content on YouTube. By doing this YouTube users will find your content during YouTube searches, an audience you would otherwise miss.

YouTube places a restriction on file size. Your videos can be up to 100MB for standard upload or up to 1GB using the YouTube Uploader.

Your video cannot be longer than 10 minutes (there is no way around this and your upload will fail).

File formats suitable for YouTube include .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG transferred from most digital cameras, camcorders, and cell phones.

When creating your video you should place the URL of your site and the start and end of the video (not everyone will watch the whole video).

If you have a company logo if possible add this as a watermark throughout the video. You should try and ensure this is unobtrusive but it is useful to include as if someone edits or takes a snapshot of your video a connection to your brand will be retained.

Think about how your video will be viewed out of context, when others place your video within their site they may not include any description that you place in YouTube.

Edit the sharing options. I recommend enabling comments after you have reviewed them. This is purely to stop offensive comments and should not be used to stop critical debate. Do allow others to embed your video into their page

.Guidelines for sharing and comments on youtube

Shortly after adding your video you will find that the content will appear in standard search results on sites such as Google (who own YouTube) again spreading your message to a wider audience.

As your video is now suitable to go anywhere think about also adding your content to Facebook by creating a Facebook page.

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