Twitter ROI

Very interesting research by two companies ‘compete’ and ‘Deloitte’ for Twitter looking at ROI on the platform.  Presented by Twitter UK Director Bruce Daisley, he provides useful insight such as: – 70% uplift in likelihood of visiting a site after being exposed to a tweet impression. – 75% uplift in likelihood to add products to … More Twitter ROI

Is there a fatal flaw with Facebook Home?

 The new Facebook Home, mobile launcher and phone, aims to change how you use your mobile phone. Instead of starting by choosing an application you start with your friends. The home screen is filled with your friends latest update, and then as you use your phone messages and other interactions jump into whatever you are doing.  … More Is there a fatal flaw with Facebook Home?

No time to grieve – the death of Michael Jackson on Twitter

When the Princess of Wales died I discovered this as I woke to the morning news.  When John F.  Kennedy died many discovered via the morning newspaper. When Michael Jackson died I discovered it via my Twitter feed. In a Twitter world can family and friends have any time to grieve? In pass years the … More No time to grieve – the death of Michael Jackson on Twitter

Social monitoring

With an every increasing number of people going online to blog and engage in social networks there is an increasing number of on-line tools  available to enable individuals and organisations to monitor discussion about their brand. These tools amalgamate results from several sources including technorati and google blog search. Companies and organisations need to monitor … More Social monitoring